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Recent Reads


Here are some books I'm reading, or read recently, or read not so recently.  I enjoyed them, so check them out.

Check out Lisa Verge's new book (I can stay away from her books). 
Senseless Acts of Beauty

Jeanne Ray
Calling Invisible Women

I thought when I saw this title that it would be about women who have, in the eyes of those around them, faded into their lives.  But no, this main character has become truly, physically invisible.  And the even more remarkable thing?  Her husband and son don't notice.  (Well, maybe it's not quite so remarkable.)

A smart, thought-provoking book.  Another one on my "highly recommended" list!

Two books by Lisa Verge Higgins.

The Proper Care and Maintenance of Friendship
One Good Friend Deserves Another

The titles may give away the common thread between these novels--friendships--but it's Ms. Higgins' deep understanding of the topics that made me jump right from the first into the second book.  The two are not connected, but what they do share is that the characters feel real, likeable, relatable and engrossing.  Ms. Higgins invites you in the moment you set eyes on the book, and you stay to find out what happens to these women she created.

Both books clearly deserve a "highly recommended" status!

Maria Murnane

Perfect on Paper: The (Mis)Adventures of Waverly Bryson


I just finished this book this morning.  In truth, it didn’t take long to read, since I found it thoroughly entertaining.  Ms. Murnane’s quick wit is responsible for some of that entertainment (A sample? “Pink, pink pink. Not sure who had designed my room, but it was the hotel industry’s equivalent of a chick flick”), along with fun characters and an engaging storyline.  And, no matter how long ago it might have been for some of us, who wouldn’t relate to disaster dates?  Unlike Ms. Higgins, the book published after this one (It’s a Waverly Life) is connected, and it’s now on my reading list.  (She has some new books coming out soon as well, so be sure to check them/her out.)