Cindy L. Katri
The Pomegranate Blooms--salted with sex and peppered with humor.
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WARNING - The questions below include spoilers, so please DON'T read them until you have finished the book!

Here are some suggested topics of discussion for groups reading The Pomegranate Blooms.  If you prefer, see below the questions for a downloadable PDF.

Reading Group Guide for

The Pomegranate Blooms


1. What do you feel best describes the theme of this novel? A love story? A magical voyage? A sexual awakening? A journey of self-discovery? The struggles of realizing a happy life?

2. Some people say the worst time to decide on divorce is during your hormonal, mid-life, menopausal years. Do you think Suzanne made the right initial decision to divorce Joe?

3. Who and what exactly is Cybil? Is she magical? Crazy? An ordinary woman with some extraordinary gifts?

4. Have you ever had a dream about having sex with a stranger? Did you feel guilty afterwards? If you've never had such a dream, do you think you would feel guilty? And do you think your reaction would be any different if that stranger happened to be a famous and gorgeous star?

5. What are your thoughts about Rafael? Was he good for Suzanne? Was he good to Suzanne?  And what about Rami?

6. Joe gives Suzanne an exquisite pair of earrings for her fiftieth birthday—a gift she can never use since she no longer has pierced ears. Why do you think Suzanne keeps quiet about this? Would you have said something to Joe?

7. What do you think of Suzanne's jealous reactions to seeing her ex-husband with other women—at the movie theater, the intimate moment she interrupts at his house? Does she have the right to her jealousy? How would you react?

8. We don't see much about Joe until the end of the novel, and anything we do see is through Suzanne's eyes. Is that fair to Joe? Or does that fairness matter in this book?

9. What are your thoughts on Suzanne reconciling with Joe? Did she make the right decision? Would you have made that decision?

10.  Did you know David's true identity before it was revealed? At what point did you figure it out and what clues led you to that conclusion?

11.  Although the story is told from Suzanne/Shoshanna's point of view, we see David/Joe's behavior changes frequently, from friendly to distant, from smiling to sad. What do you think David/Joe is going through? What are some of his thought processes?

12.  The decision of what point of view to write from is a major one for an author.  Authors have been known to write an entire novel in one point of view only to rewrite it later in a completely different one.  This author made the decision to use two different points of view in the book, one for the non-"dream" world and the other for the "dream" world. What are those two points of view? How do they affect how you feel while reading? Why do you think the author chose to write in this way?

13.  Recalling the conversation Suzanne and Lori have in the car at the gym—the one where they debate how Suzanne has mysteriously become so physically fit—what are your thoughts on aliens and alternate realities? Do you believe in them? Do you feel, as Suzanne suggests, that it's not logical not to believe in them?

14.  Why do you think Cybil chose Suzanne as the recipient of the necklace? Do you feel Cybil chose wisely? Why or why not? Do you think others—besides Joe—have received this gift as well?

15.  All through her time in college, Suzanne/Shoshanna debates whether she should be following her physical desires or her brain.  Which path do you think she should follow? Which path have you followed?

16.  And the biggest question of all: thongs or big cotton whities?

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