Cindy L. Katri
The Pomegranate Blooms--salted with sex and peppered with humor.

About the Author, About the Book

About Cindy L. Katri:

I was born Cindy Lenorowitz in Queens, New York, and was raised in Commack on the north shore of Long Island. I graduated from Vassar College with a degree in English and broke into magazine publishing—on the business end—soon after.  A number of business careers and numerous works of creative writing later, I now find myself living in northern New Jersey with my husband and two teenage daughters (and don't forget the cat).

About Writing The Pomegranate Blooms:

I got the initial idea for writing the book after thinking about all the teenage books that are crossing into the contemporary women's fiction category.  I asked myself, "Why are all these women reading books that are about girls so much younger than themselves?"  And it hit me suddenly.  They're trying to regain, to relive their youth. 

The seed (pardon the pun) of The Pomegrenate was sown.