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Cindy L. Katri
Welcome to the website of Cindy L. Katri, author of the reality fantasy novel, The Pomegranate Blooms.
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The Pomegranate Blooms is a midlife "coming of age" novel—

salted with sex and peppered with humor.

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Soon after receiving an unexpected gift from an eccentric neighbor, Suzanne, an ordinary woman on the precipice of fifty, experiences a series of extraordinarily vivid dreams.  In these dreams, she transforms into an attractive, fit twenty-something and enjoys an enticing, almost illicit, existence she has never known... before now.

Through the almost nightly and implausibly realistic dreams – which increasingly and mysteriously encroach upon the real world – Suzanne “dances the tango” with a famous and beyond sexy Latin lover; endures rigorous workouts with an incredibly sculpted, young trainer; relives the pain and triumphs of college…all in the body of a young lady but with the mind of an appreciative, soul-searching woman.
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